Conditions Treated

Auto-Related Injuries

If left untreated can lead to chronic pain and disability.

Work-Related Injuries

Improving spinal function can help you return to your job duties sooner.

Slip And Falls

Can affect your entire body preventing you from doing regular daily activities.

Neck Pain

May be due to loss of normal curvature affecting the brain stem and spinal cord.

Thoracic Pain

May be due to scoliosis often dismissed as “growing pains” delaying appropriate care.

Lumbar Pain

Could be caused by trauma muscle spasms and many other factors resulting in one of the leading causes of disability in modern times.


95% may originate from the upper neck. Upper neck misalignment could cause pressure to the brain leading to headaches.


One of the most common causes of sciatic leg pain is the vertebral subluxation. It can be accompanied by a disc herniation leading to nerve irritation resulting in intense shooting pain down the leg.

Shoulder Pain

May come down from the neck or due to trauma, arthritis, inflammation, repetitive motion, ect.

Elbow Pain

Most of the time it is sports related and is easily treatable.

Knee Pain

Very common in the young and elderly. If chronic, it may affect the lower back.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Any type of illness arising from the bones and muscles affecting your mobility.


A sideways curvature of the spine that begins in childhood, It is detected by a change in posture.

Sprain Strain

Sprain: any type of injury involving the ligaments. Strain: any type of injury involving the tendons.

Disc Herniation

Can cause compression on the spinal cord or irritation to the nerves resulting in constant pain and dysfunction.

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You will go through a very pleasant experience from the time you walk into our office. First you will be greeted by our professional and friendly staff, who will provide all the necessary paper work to be filled out. Then you will go to our exam room where you will undergo a thorough examination along with the corresponding imaging studies. The doctor will order a treatment procedure to meet your health needs. You will then be scheduled to return to discuss the results of your examination.

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