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Spinal Adjustments

A spinal adjustment is a correction of the spine when it is out of alignment to improve and restore full function, biomechanics, optimize performance, maintain joint stability, nutrition to discs and to reduce the risk of injury and degeneration.

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Are an integral part in a chiropractic setting, aiding in the musculoskeletal diagnosis. X-Ray imaging studies reveal spinal biomechanics, degenerative changes, fractures, calcifications and many other conditions that are essential for the diagnosis and treatment management.

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Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Is a special form of electrical current that is administered at the site of a soft tissue injury, especially muscles, as an effective form of pain relief and to promotion of soft tissue healing. It is recommended in cases in which pain is accompanied by swelling, inflammation and muscle spasticity.

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Spinal Decompression

Decompression therapy is geared mostly towards treating disc herniations. The pulling effect causes a vacuum in the disc space facilitating the disc to retract, thus diminishing the extent of the herniation removing or diminishing nerve im pingement providing pain relief.

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Lower Laser therapy

Performed as a therapeutic modality primarily to influence the deep soft tissue in an effort to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, pain and stiffness; thus accelerating the healing process.

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Ultra Sound

It is a therapeutic treatment using high frequency sound waves administered in the region of the soft tissue injuries. Ultrasound treatment can usually be administered to the area of complaint, penetrating deep into the body. The rise in temperature, increases blood flow, relaxes muscle spasms, massages damage tissues, and speeds the healing process.

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Intersegmental Traction

It is a way of inducing passive motion into the spine for the purpose of stretching spinal joints, increasing mobility. Since discs have poor blood supply, they get nutrients from the circulation of fluids surrounding spinal joints. Fixations prevent this natural circulation and can cause disc thinning and degeneration. Intersegmental traction helps increase and restores necessary elasticity and motion to the spine.

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Massage Therapy

Massage is a term describing a variety of techniques using the hands, a mechanical or electrical apparatus to stimulate or soothe soft tissues of the body for therapeutic purpose. It is useful in many conditions where body relaxation, a reduction of swelling, and muscle mobilization is desired. Massage can also be helpful in reducing and pooling of fluids at the site of a recent injury or trauma.

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Nutritional Counseling

Nutrients play a vital role in the body's healing process. Deficiencies in one or more of a wide range of nutrients can impair this process. In the case of injury, the use of specific nutritional support compliments the three phases of the healing process- inflammatory, repair and remodeling.

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Muscle Testing

Is an important tool to help in the diagnosis of orthopedic and neurological dysfunctions. Spinal integrity and stability can also be determined by status of muscle toning and strength.

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Physical Rehabilitation

Musculoskeletal patients typically benefit from rehabilitation, and those with chronic conditions have an obvious need as they have most likely developed physical deconditioning. Musculoskeletal rehabilitation addresses this complication by providing a goal-oriented in which a patient can realize optimal functioning.

Treatments based largely on controlling pain through medication, which fail to address casual factors in acute a chronic pain, fall short in properly managing a multi-factorial and complicated condition.

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Blood Lab Testing

Too often people fall victim to a disease that could have been prevented had there been proper blood test done on a regular basis. Significant changes can occur over the course of one year, meaning that previous test may not accurately reflect current risk status. Blood test provides a wealth of information regarding one's health.

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